Casa Cattauro
Sea ​​view b&b in the historic center of Erice

A historic home in which to let your artistic flows carry you.
Here you will certainly helped finding advice and inspiration thanks to the evocative views and the structure itself.
Bring with you your musical instruments, easels and canvases or books:
Casa Cattauro is waiting for you!

The view from our terrace will bring you peace with the universe. The turquoise sky of sunny days gives a glimpse of the island of Ustica beyond the gulf of Mount Cofano. Sometimes on colder days, soft spirals of clouds wrap the entire city in the embrace of Venus, projecting us into a fairy-tale dimension.

The Structure

Casa Cattauro: a place rich in history

The B&B Casa Cattauro was created from the ancient bedrooms of a late 1800s building, which stood on the upper part of the northern city walls of Erice.


The original structure was composed of three houses that faced the same courtyard. In the 1930s, these became a single spacious residence and the courtyard became a terrace.


The B&B rooms occupy the first floor, which was already designated as the sleeping area. Furthermore, the “casa pile,” i.e. that part of the old homes designated for laundry where stone tubs were located, has been transformed into a delightful apartment.

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Casa Cattauro: a place rich in history Casa Cattauro: a place rich in history
The Territory

The ancient city of Erice

On the summit of Mount San Giuliano, as it was called in the Punic era, lies hidden the ancient city of Erice.
From the valley, in fact, one can imagine nothing but the remains of the ancient temple dedicated to Astarte by the Elymians, a Middle Eastern people who founded and built Erice along with Segesta and Entella some 3,000 years ago.


Of the Elymian foundation remains, in addition to the temple, which was remodeled in Norman times and transformed into a fortress, the base of the city walls. These were later fortified and raised further by the Phoenicians and Romans.

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The ancient city of Erice The ancient city of Erice
The fog

Casa Cattauro: rooms with a view of the sky

There are two ways in which, up here, fog manifests itself. There is a mobile and rarefied fog and another static and dense one.
The former, paradoxically, is the more disturbing: it comes towards you or chases you. As soon as you open the door it enters the house, in puffs and frayed flakes; it brushes against you, wraps itself around you in coils, seems to have something to tell you and does not want you to be distracted, captures your attention and perhaps even wants to get into your soul or push you in a specific direction.
The other fog, the dense one, fills the stone corridors and creeps into every crevice between stones and mosses, spins as the alleys spin and fills every empty space with wadding.
Experience staying at Casa Cattauro, to escape from the ordinary and immerse yourself in a fairy tale mist.

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